Supplements for insulin & IGF-1 function, fat loss

For me, I’m specifically interested in natural ways to help my body perform optimally. As I research things, I think I will probably start posting them since I’m not the only one who is interested in these topics. Also, this makes them easier for me to find when I need to revisit them. šŸ˜‰ Affiliate Amazon links because I like money and you might want the instant gratification of immediately finding a source. For the most part, I selected supplement brands I’ve used successfully in the past.

NOTE: I’m not a doctor, this is not medical advice. It is also not legal advice. Do not take it as such. Do your own research, follow label directions. Do not use in place of common sense. Talk to your doctor before doing anything based on anything you’ve found on the internet, including this post. I am not liable for your actions.

My goals are less about specifically fat burning (but hey, I don’t mind a little of that action!), and more about increasing satiety and decreasing sugar cravings.

African Mango Seed Extract – increases leptin, one of the satiety hormones. For me, leptin = <3.

Chromium Picolinate – 1,000mcg – improves insulin’s efficiency.

Cinnamon – helps modulate blood sugar (always look for Ceylon cinnamon as it has the lowest levels of coumarin (which in high doses can cause liver failure))

Forskolin – little helper with fat burning (start of a long process)

Green Coffee Bean ExtractĀ – lowers blood sugar (who knows, Dr Oz may have gotten something right)

Rhodiola rosea – decreases the stress hormoneĀ cortisol, which likes to shove all fat in the belly area.

I know everyone loves to go on about raspberry ketones, but from what I’ve found, you’d need like literal tons of it to be effective in humans. But hey, good job with the rats.

I know green tea/egcg is also hella popular but it’s not been very effective with me in the past so idgaf about finding a supplement for it. And I say that as a person who adores green tea. If you’re looking to drink green tea, Honest Tea Honey Green Tea is my fave. If you want to brew it, go to Wegman’s and scoop some sakura sencha (those are dried cherry blossoms, you’re welcome).