On social media.

In my first post here, I think, I referenced my twitter that I had made private. Well, thanks to tweetdelete and the frustration of only being able to communicate with the people in my feed, I made my twitter public again. I’m not linking to it directly as it’s both really easy to find, and I’d like to first warn you that that’s where I try to keep my politics.

As an intersectional feminist, I lean left pretty hard. And while I’m admitting to being a feminist, I feel compelled to say that I don’t hate men, and I am not trying to be superior to men. I would like us all to be equal. If you find my twitter, you’ll notice the deliberate period between “bleeding heart” and “liberal” – I have more than my fair share of empathy and I rage/grieve/cry for everyone, I love everyone, I want us all to win, I want everything to be fair and just, and twitter is where I whine about it (ahem, mostly through reposting as other people are more eloquent than I am when I am in my emo).


I also periodically snark about dating, list website edits/ad postings/various business things that I am doing (Idk, I don’t have a boss, so I guess it’s just letting someone/anyone¬†know that I am actually doing All The Things?), repost cute animals, and spew random thoughts occasionally.


Like this site, my social media is not a reflection of the work that I do. I very specifically try to avoid discussing politics with clients as it’s not at all conducive to relaxation. I don’t really care which way you lean politically, that’s not what I’m there for.


My work is my passion but it is only one part of my life.

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